Trying to raise Oracle Live SQL database hood …

Today 14th of October 2015 Oracle Corp. has released Oracle Live SQL: this is a new online tool somewhat similar to Oracle Application Expresse (APEX) SQL Workshop feature. Some time ago I have used SQL Workshop on to check what is under database hood.

I have just run the same script on

select * from sys.v_$version;
select sys_context('USERENV','HOST') from dual;
select sys_context('USERENV','OS_USER') from dual;
select sys_context('USERENV','DB_NAME') from dual;
select sys_context('USERENV','DB_UNIQUE_NAME') from dual;
select sys_context('USERENV','INSTANCE_NAME') from dual;
select sys_context('USERENV','CON_NAME') from dual;
select sys_context('USERENV','CON_ID') from dual;
select * from session_roles;
select * from session_privs;
select * from sys.v_$active_instances;
select * from sys.all_directories;
select count(*) from sys.v_$session_connect_info;
select * from sys.v_$session_connect_info where rownum = 1;
select opname, start_time, last_update_time, message from sys.v_$session_longops;
select count(*) from all_users;
select count(*) from sys.sysfiles;
select round(sum(blocks*8192/(1024*1024*1024))) as gb from sys.sysfiles;
select * from sys.sysfiles where rownum =1;

The script output is here.

Most statements fail with ORA-01003: no statement parsed which means that access to database views has been more restricted than in APEX.

What is sure is that database:

  • is running Oracle 12c because CON_ID is different from 0
  • is a container database because again CON_ID is different 0 (and note that CON_NAME is set to ‘PDBPRD’).
  • It is likely (but I cannot be sure) that this also a RAC database because instance_name ALSPRD2 has a number added to DB_NAME and DB_UNIQUE_NAME (ALSPRD).

    That’s all folks !

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