ODC Appreciation Day : VirtualBox

Today is Oracle Developer Community (ODC) Appreciation Day and my contribution is about VirtualBox .

Using VirtualBox has allowed me to build different virtual machines mainly running Oracle Linux but also CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Ubuntu and Windows Server 2012. This is nothing new in 2017 but I still remember 10 years ago when I tried to run Linux on my Windows XP machine with dual boot: this was difficult and even painfull when I did something wrong with the MBR.

And of course VirtualBox is free for personal use.

Using VirtualBox I have managed to create my first Oracle RAC installations with Openfiler as NAS – at that time it was not possible to use shared disks with VirtualBox but this has changed. I can say that VirtualBox has allowed me to publish articles on my blog: almost all of my blog articles are using virtual machines created with VirtualBox (the only exception is Oracle Client installation on Windows 7 on my old PC).

Today it is possible to do almost everything using cloud services but it when it comes to install, configure and test specific configurations VirtualBox gives a lot of freedom provided that you have the needed physical hardware.

So thank you OTN/ODC for VirtualBox !

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